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snippeting reality

Ethics Survey

Design, Methodology and Quality

Firstly, it is important to keep in mind that this was about having fun; Do not use these results as the basis of planning for your retirement. Now that we're clear about that, let's move onto the serious stuff.

The survey used a sample of convenience, which is to say that I spammed my own dear twitter followers to do this survey. You were all very good about it, people, and no one complained. All up, I received 75 completed questionnaires. I am aware of a handful of people doing the survey more than once, but their industry and dedication must be rewarded, so I have kept them in the response set.

The questionnaire contained twelve questions, of which three were demographic in nature, one was a not so subtle quality of response assessment and the remaining eight questions asked the all important questions on ethical behaviour. For the purpose of this survey, ethical is taken to mean behaviour as it relates to what is socially acceptable.

Obviously the survey was deployed via an online questionnaire. The instrument only delivered single selection response type answers and incorporated no response checking at all. Email addresses were not required, but if supplied, provided a way of notifying respondents that results were available.

Summary of Results

My main observation from cursory analysis of the results is that there is a bunch of people around fifty years old who have no problem grabbing peppers out of a jar using their fingers, but who do use a different knife for their spreads from their margarine or butter.

Furthermore, they display a generousity towards street people asking for money as well as fellow guests at a party by leaving the last of the nibbles, but they will happily pocket extra change incorrectly given to them by greedy retailers.

They'll gleefully peek at your email, are slightly more inclined to replace the dunny roll and they don't understand the fuss about caps and toothpaste tubes.

Oh, and they are staunch in their sense of their own integrity.

I now hand it over to you to discover more insights by analysing the results yourself. Use the filter buttons to display the response pattern of any subgroup (blue bars) and compare against the overall result (pink bars).

I'd love to hear your feedback on the results, or the way the analysis tool could be made better. Thanks.

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