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snippeting reality

Justified True Belief

Design, Methodology and Quality

Firstly, it is important to keep in mind that this was about having fun; Do not use these results as the basis of planning for your retirement. Now that we're clear about that, let's move onto the serious stuff.

The survey used a sample of convenience, which is to say that I spammed my own dear twitter followers to do this survey. I also use a separate twitter account, @SylmobilePolls to spread the joy.

The final response was 65 completed questionnaires.

The questionnaire contained fourteen questions, of which two were demographic in nature. Or three, if you believe in astrology.

Obviously the survey was deployed via an online questionnaire. The instrument only delivers single selection response type answers and incorporates no response checking at all. Email addresses were not required, but if supplied, provided a way of notifying respondents that results were available. The email addresses aren't kept once I've mailed people.

Summary of Results

Roughly two third male, with no children or people over 65 responding.

That almost everyone expressed the belief that humans have set on the moon did surprise me, I have to admit. Similarly for the agreement that human caused climate change is real.

I am a little disappointed that only two people believe that Elvis is alive.

I now hand it over to you to discover more insights by analysing the results yourself. Use the filter buttons to display the response pattern of any subgroup (blue bars) and compare against the overall result (pink bars).

I'd love to hear your feedback on the results, or the way the analysis tool could be made better. Thanks.

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