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snippeting reality

20191006 -Sportzbeatz HALO Quick Guide
(c) sylmobile.com

After salvaging a pair of Sportzbeatz HALO on ear headphones, I attempted to pair it with my new Dell XPS laptop, to no avail. But the headset was making a connection sound, it seemed, so I checked devices all over the house and finally discovered it was connecting to the television set.

I couldn't find a guide online for the headset and my repeated insistence with the TV Set to forget, disconnect and otherwise stop seeing the HALO was ineffective and increasingly frustrating.

Then, two things happened in rapid succession: I used my brain and said, hey, why don't I disconnect the TV set from its power source; and, my partner found the physical booklet, Quick Set Up Guide & Warranty, which I share with the internet for posterity.

Oh, and I refurbished the foam on the ear pieces. ;-) [an error occurred while processing this directive]