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snippeting reality

Hipster radar: The Febrkemen Breakfast - 14 Jan 2012
(c) sylmobile.com

As the mainstream begins to discover the "nutritional benefits" of the now passé hipster faux-grain urban grits favourite, quinoa, something is brewing in the back kitchens of Yarraville, Melbourne.

It's only rumours at this stage and no-one outside the uber hip cliques (i.e. neither you nor I) knows anything for certain, but we do know one thing: it's called the Febrkemen Breakfast.

Some of my spies have heard well known hipsters arranging their next Febrkemen breakfast meetup, but no details are explicitly discussed beyond when and where the next one is on. And don't expect to just happen upon one of these day break events, because they're still in-home affairs.

I'll keep you posted.

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