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Beef Pie Recipes

Here are a couple of recipes tweeted to me from my twitter buddies.

@JonesTarika's recipe

1) Fry off some chopped carrot & onion in olive oil. Remove from oil. Put whole chunk of brisket in. Sear & season well.

2) Remove brisket. Deglaze saucepan with plenty of red wine. Put brisket, carrot & onion back in. Top up with stock to cover meat

3) Simmer for fuckin’ ages.

4) Turn off, allow to cool right down. Remove chunk of brisket. Chop into 1 or 2cm cubes. Drain stock.

5) Make roux. Add stock. Make thick sauce & taste for seasoning. Add beef to sauce. Add some mustard if you like mustard.

6) Spoon saucy beefy stuff in cast iron or ceramic dish, top with puff, brush with olive oil & bake on about 200-220.

Shit - forgot to say to add some really garlicky sautéed mushrooms to the end mixture too.
@vivchook's recipe
carrot, a cup Guinness, salt/pepper. I add mushrooms & peas. Add flour for thicker gravy. So easy, just chuck it in

and cook on low for 8 hours. Let cool, then into the fridge. Divides the work over 2 days, too.

Yep. 1 cup stock, 1 cup guinness to 1.5kg meat. You want the meat juices to add flavour, too. Needs lots of S&P.

Forgot to tell you to add some butter, too. Makes the gravy richer. About 50g is good. And 3-4tbs of flour.

an hour in fridge. Can rest overnight if you want. Then all you have to do is roll it out, fill it, top it, & bake.

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